A large residential complex with three and four-storey buildings with façades made of pre-greyed wooden slats and a curved pergola as an entrance | © Regina Sedlmayer

More wood for a sustainable future

LignoAlp builds higher, bigger and greener.

Wood is the star of the show in our ambitious construction projects. Over the last few decades, wood has seen an enormous upturn as a building material. LignoAlp builds large-volume, multi-floor wooden buildings: Company headquarters, office buildings, hotels, clinics, retirement homes, residential complexes.

Wood can be used in buildings of all sizes and complexity. Currently, the highest wooden construction in the world is Norway’s 18-floor Mjøsa tower, at a height of 85.4 metres. Further projects are currently in the planning phase, and it won’t be long before this record is broken.

For many years now, LignoAlp has been working together with housing cooperatives, investors, entrepreneurs and public institutions, and we have a comprehensive understanding of our partners need. We carry out continuous optimisation procedures and constant expansion of our range of expertise. In both diversity and dimensions, an ever-growing number of timber construction projects demonstrate the versatility of wood in construction; in the construction of multi-floor wooden houses, wood offers virtually limitless scope.

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