Three wooden houses | © Jürgen Eheim

Wooden houses safeguard the future

LignoAlp thinks about the day after tomorrow.

LignoAlp builds healthy places to live. LignoAlp uses renewable raw materials. LignoAlp builds single and multi-family homes, commercial buildings and public buildings in wood.

Wooden skin. After our skin and our clothing, it is our home that surrounds us and protects us like a third skin. Your own four walls should radiate warmth, infuse you with a sense of comfort, and meet the needs of everybody who lives within them. LignoAlp’s timber houses are precision-designed, and match the vision of the client who is building the house, and the architects. All project requirements are clarified before construction begins, and the best-possible solutions decided upon and integrated into technologically avant-garde, practical, top-quality timber constructions. We create fully-customised wooden houses with rooms that exude endless warmth and comfort.

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