Building with skill. Building with style

LignoAlp knows what it means.

LignoAlp understands the power of wood. LignoAlp works with care and precision, and treats every request as a top priority. LignoAlp builds with skill and expertise, and on schedule. The architects and builders decide, and the staff provide their advice.

Wood can be used in any number of ways in construction. Exploiting its countless applications calls for comprehensive knowledge, correct usage, careful planning and craftsmanship. At LignoAlp, 125 employees work together. They possess all of the timber construction skills required and, through their extensive experience, guarantee the construction of top-quality buildings. 

LignoAlp specialises in bespoke construction of timber houses and roofing, and brings you all the freedom you could possibly desire in architectural design. Planners and builders do not have to content themselves with compliance with industrial standards: They can design the perfect solution for their needs, in close consultation with LignoAlp employees. This means that every building is unique—tailor-designed down to the smallest detail, and constructed with meticulous care.

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