Past an present

LignoAlp is making history

LignoAlp believes in wood. LignoAlp builds in wood. Here at LignoAlp, we set our bar high: Every timber building we construct is tailor-made, top quality, and pinpoint perfect.

LignoAlp is an brand of Damiani-Holz&KO AG, from South Tyrol; the company has expanded continuously over the years, and now employs 125 people who work and produce at two production premises in Brixen and Deutschnofen, which also house our technical and administration offices. With offices in northern Italy (Bergamo, Reggio Emilia and Guastalla), in Germany (Rosenheim) and in Switzerland (Chiasso), LignoAlp enjoys close proximity to our clients, and is one of the foremost timber construction and trading companies in Italy.

our history


Leonardo Damiani, grandfather of Markus Damiani, who is Managing Director today, founded “Damiani Leonardo” in Brixen. The company, which specialises in the production and sale of solid wood beams, experienced constant growth, and steadily acquired new skills.
Markus Damiani joins the company, takes over management, and expands operations to include the design and construction of timber roofing and timber houses. The company purchased its first CNC-controlled wood router In 1994, and introduced the “Balken” brand in 1997.
Founding of the holz&ko GmbH carpentry company in Deutschnofen, which has since gone on to become the largest carpentry business in South Tyrol and a pioneer in the construction of timber houses.
Damiani Holzindustrie AG and holz&ko merge to become Damiani-Holz&KO AG, founding the brands LignoAlp for timber construction and Damiani Legnami for timber trade. A competence centre for timber construction is built in Brixen, and a prefabrication premises in Deutschnofen.
The company moves to the new premises in Brixen, designed in entirety as a showroom which illustrates the diversity of modern timber construction possibilities.
The entire prefabrication process in Deutschnofen undergoes a full overhaul, and the company building is renovated.
The machine plant in Brixen is renovated in its entirety.
The employees of the continuously-expanding company address their focus on a values and goals-based philosophy which will reinforce future orientation and operational identification.