Acting sustainably, cherishing life

LignoAlp looks to the future.

Climate protection and environmental awareness begin with the small things. LignoAlp saves energy, produces green energy, disposes of waste with care, and maintain transparency in our practices and values.

Responsible company

© Günther Richard Wett

LignoAlp premises consume little energy.

The office building in Brixen, built in 2011, is CasaClima Gold Nature certified. This certification identifies the energy class with the lowest energy consumption, and is awarded to buildings with heating requirement of less than 10 kilowatt hours per square metre of living space per year (kWh/m²a). Measures taken to attain Gold Nature certification for the LignoAlp premises included, amongst others, construction of a timber frame outer wall and controlled room ventilation with heat recovery.

The existing premises in Deutschnofen were renovated and extended in 2008 and, with a heating energy requirement of less than 30 kWh/m²a, received CasaClima A+ certification. The “+” adjunct means that the building is heated through renewable energy sources and was constructed with environmentally and health-friendly building materials.

LignoAlp produces green energy.

At LignoAlp we generate electricity through, amongst others, combined heat & power plants which are fuelled by certified vegetable oil sourced from European countries, have an output of 520 KW, and produce around 4,000, 000 kWh of electricity per year. The thermal energy from the engines is used to heat the LignoAlp offices and production, and all excess power produced is supplied to the city of Brixen district heating plant. LignoAlp has installed photovoltaic systems in Brixen and Deutschnofen which have a total output of 470 kWp and produce 520,000 kWh annually.

Award-winning wooden façade in South Tyrol | © Florian Andergassen

LignoAlp generates thermal energy.

Wood, LignoAlp’s most important raw material, does not generate waste in the traditional sense of the word: We use the waste wood from our production to generate heat. In Deutschnofen, we are able to not only meet our won energy requirements, but also operate a district heating plant which supplies energy to the 4-star hotel “Pfösl” and a number of other businesses and private apartments. Annual energy production is roughly 2,700,000 kWh.

LignoAlp has received ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

We set out an internal environmental policy in order to provide a meaningful contribution to the environment. Here at LignoAlp, we monitor our environmental impact constantly, and strive to continually improve our performance. The company received ISO 14001 environmental management system certification in 2020; ISO 14001 certification is not a mandatory obligation but a conscious choice. LignoAlp is committed to constant improvement, monitoring the success of adopted measures, and optimising them into the future.

LignoAlp promotes in-company awareness.

Climate protection and the reduction of waste are an integral part of LignoAlp’s company philosophy. The bigger picture is always made up of the smallest details. Our company is committed to ensuring that our servers are operated in an environmentally-friendly manner: The electricity for the servers used to host this website is generated from hydropower. We also provide our staff with personalised coffee cups to reduce ongoing plastic waste production.