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We use wood to build the future

LignoAlp is founded on professionalism and on timber.

LignoAlp unites nature, timber and people. LignoAlp sets standards. LignoAlp works with passion, professionalism and the determination to create a decent future for our grandchildren.

As raw materials go, timber is an all-rounder of the highest order. It enables the construction industry to mould progress, and to use the planet’s finite resources with attentive care. Timber is an ecological, economic and socially-responsible raw material. Timber buildings can be constructed quickly, create a joyful living and working atmosphere, and are competitively priced. LignoAlp builds on quality, flexibility, speed, safety and reliability.

our mission statement

Our guiding principles


the why - the purpose

We believe in wood, and its value as the key link between people and nature. In our modern timber construction and sustainable trade, we apply both traditional and innovative solutions in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the world.

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what - the difference

We unite wood, people and nature through innovation and passion, contribute to the sustainable transformation of the construction industry, and build for tomorrow today.

Wooden mountain hut in the province of Bolzano | © Oskar Da Riz


the how - the mission

We open up new inroads of potential for timber as a building material, and are the contractor of choice for timber construction solutions in northern Italy and southern Germany.