A large residential complex with three and four-storey buildings with façades made of pre-greyed wooden slats and a curved pergola as an entrance | © Regina Sedlmayer

Wooden residential complex in Munich

A village in the city

The planners had developed a very special concept for this project - a construction lot of the largest timber housing estate in Germany: In order to promote interaction between the residents and to save costs, a communal room, a guest flat, a workshop, communal gardens and a play area for children were planned alongside the customised living spaces.

The architects developed an exciting design with lots of green spaces, a central, curved pergola as access to the upper floors and continuous, vertical timber cladding on the façades. LignoAlp also relied on a high degree of prefabrication for this large project. The wall elements, including windows and balcony doors, shading and timber cladding, were prefabricated in the production facility. This required extremely detailed and careful three-dimensional planning. A particular challenge in this building was the alignment of the cover mouldings across all floors. Every single moulding had to be planned with millimetre precision and fixed in the factory.

13,000 tonnes of CO2 saved

"Gemeinsam größer II" is part of a model settlement. A total of 570 flats in timber construction have been built in Prinz-Eugen-Park, making Munich a pioneer in timber construction. Building with wood offers several advantages, the biggest of which are the faster construction time and climate protection: according to the City of Munich, 13,000 tonnes of CO2 were saved in the model housing estate compared to conventional solid construction methods.

German timber construction award for the district made of wood

In September 2021, the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations of the City of Munich was awarded the German Timber Construction Prize for the ecological model settlement in Prinz-Eugen-Park.

Wooden residential complex in Munich | © Regina Sedlmayer
Wooden residential complex in Munich | © Regina Sedlmayer Wooden residential complex in Munich | © Regina Sedlmayer Wooden residential complex in Munich | © Regina Sedlmayer
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