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Four-storey student residence in Milan

The new building consists of two structures, one with only one storey and the other with four storeys, made entirely of wood. The result is a student residence with a total of 32 rooms. The majority of the walls are made of timber frame construction, while the stairwell and lift shaft are made of cross-laminated timber (X-Lam).

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Time lapse: 4 floors of wood in Milan

The new residence is being built in the centre of a residential complex without direct access to the street. Logistics is therefore one of the biggest challenges. In cases like this, LignoAlp's high degree of prefabrication offers an enormous advantage: the building is already "built" in the factory. The individual components are almost completely prefabricated and delivered to the construction site as finished elements. This significantly reduces the activities on the construction site and thus greatly shortens the overall construction time.

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