A garden with a large tree and a two-storey building with larch cladding on the façade | © Kurt Hörbst

Wooden kindergarten in Bavaria

Kindergarten for all seasons

LignoAlp realised a new kindergarten in Traunstein in Germany in 2020/2021. The chosen timber construction reinforces the intention of the client and planners to embed the building in nature in the best possible way.

The external appearance is the programme. Arch. Tobias Mattes from köhler architekten shows what it is all about as soon as you look at it: children should live in the building in the natural annual cycle and in connection with the garden. According to the architect, wood as a building material best epitomises how young people grow up: The natural cycle can be felt and seen in the grown, felled, cut and reassembled tree trunk. And when the building reaches the end of its life, it will have served as a carbon sink for many years, leaving a small ecological footprint. At the same time, it was important to the team of architects to familiarise the younger generation with imperfect surfaces that have been worked by hand and invite them to touch them. Not only is the supporting structure of the kindergarten made of wood, but a large proportion of the natural raw material also remained in sight. LignoAlp took care of the engineering of the architectural project, prefabrication and assembly of the building.

Wooden kindergarten in Bavaria | © Kurt Hörbst
Wooden kindergarten in Bavaria | © Kurt Hörbst Wooden kindergarten in Bavaria | © Kurt Hörbst Wooden kindergarten in Bavaria | © Kurt Hörbst
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