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New project: wooden multi-family residence in Aosta

Personalised: The construction of a multi-storey building with 5 residential units in the province of Aosta is planned for autumn 2023. The existing building has no additional thermal insulation and also has structural defects, which is why the clients have decided to demolish it and rebuild it in wood.

Based on the architectural planning of the "Idealab" office, a new building with a load-bearing structure in timber frame construction will be built. With a finished wall thickness of just 40 cm, the apartment block will have a highly energy-efficient building envelope. This is made possible by the 160 mm thick blown-in insulation made of natural cellulose integrated into the outer walls and a thermal insulation composite system made of 120 mm thick wood fibre boards.These, as well as the windows and French doors with triple glazing and wood-aluminium frames, window sills and external blinds, are installed during prefabrication in the LignoAlp factory, protected from the cold and weather. All this guarantees top quality and a short construction time.

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